“I’m not losing any weight and I’m not eating ANYTHING.”

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Unless you have some endocrine disorder or extreme lymphedema and can’t get rid of accumulated water weight this is not likely the issue.

Hormonal related weight gain can be due to abnormalities to the thyroid, adrenal gland, pituitary and sex hormones including testosterone and estrogen.

Salt/water imbalances due to water retention from congestive heart failure, liver failure, chronic lymphedema can cause a person to carry tremendous amount of weight. Elephantiasis is a condition due to lymphatic insufficiency when lymph fluid is unable to be cleared an eliminated.

Next time you watch “My 600 lbs Life” watch out for patients who have 100-200 lbs of edematous water weight. Most obese patients will carry 35%+ body fat. To put things in perspectice, a single digit body fat percentage and decent rectus musculature is needed to see 6 pack abs. Sylvester Stallone’s body fat when he filmed Rocky III was less than 5%. He also only weighed 150 lbs but due to his ridiculously low body fat percentage he appeared much more massive on film.

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