Cholecystectomy before, during, or after Bariatric Surgery




Gallstones can sometimes form after rapid weight loss. Stones can become stuck within the ducts typically producing right sided pain after eating. Gallbladders can be removed safely with laparoscopic technique at the time of bariatric surgery or in advance if right upper quadrant pain persists.

Many studies have been done to determine effective treatment for gallstone disease. Lithotripsy with shock waves, lasers, and medications have not been shown to be useful to dissolve gallstones. Medications such as Ursodiol can be taken to lower the risk of gallstone formation but can sometimes cause unbearable diarrhea and GI symptoms that make regular use noncompliant.

The gallbladder is removed through the belly button and small incisions. This is commonly a day surgery procedure and return to work is within a few days.

After the gallbladder is removed, the bile circulation reaches equilibrium and the ducts enlarge and compensate. Rarely, do people experience chronic diarrhea during this adjustment period. Most people function without noticable clinical consequence.


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