Medical Weight Loss Management Program in Denton, TX


Preoperative planning for bariatric surgery is just as important as surgery itself. Careful thought and consideration with the advice of your surgeon is necessary. You should feel comfortable with your surgeon to ask any question related to bariatric surgery. Depending on your insurance requirements, weight loss counseling and supervision is generally 3-6 months to allow for medical optimization and to prove that there has been no net gain in weight. Self-pay patients are not subject to the mandatory insurance requirements.

In addition, the bariatric/weight loss supervision program prior to surgery involves:

  • Ultrasound of the liver/gallbladder- to evaluate for an enlarged liver and gallstones
  • Swallow study or upper endoscopy- to evaluate for acid reflux, ulcers, polyps, tumors, hiatal hernias
  • Sleep study if necessary
  • Dietician counseling if necessary
  • Psychologic counseling if necessary

Two weeks prior to surgery, you will be on a supervised VLCD- very low calorie diet. This low calorie regimen helps to shrink the size of the liver and allow for a safer and quicker operation so you can recover sooner.

michael lee austin bariatric surgery scale


For some patients who have prohibitive risks, preparation for surgery should be optimized to minimize risk. Dr. Lee is directly involved in all aspects of patient care and establishing effective and honest relationships before and after surgery is his key to success. Getting through surgery is only one of the goals. Your long-term wellness and overall wellbeing and health is our absolute priority.

Weight loss and treating and reversing obesity related medical problems are the main goals and surgery is only an enabling tool to get there. Having bariatric surgery is not the goal itself but rather a tool to get there.

  • Non-surgical weight loss management
  • High-risk reduction in anticipation for surgery
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Psychologic counseling